About me.

Photo Credit : Deidre Lynn Photography
Photo Credit : Deidre Lynn Photography

Why graphic design?
When I was a little girl my dream was to work for a magazine. Maybe it was the lack of a television, but in my mind magazines were the coolest thing ever and I anxiously awaited their arrival every month and spent hours pouring through them after they came. So whether I was born with a love for editorial design, or if the hunger for the pages of beautifully married text, photographs, and illustrations simply wooed me enough times, graphic design is where I eventually ended up.

At the basis of it all though, that poster that’s passed around, “Sometimes all I want to do is make things look nice!” pertains to me all the time. And that innate desire keeps me at it. I love art and the challenge of it; I love that it requires me to keep growing. And so, that is why. :)

Pinterest is handy for a thing like this. You are welcome to peruse mine to see what I like.

With that said though, it is hard to nail down style. It is constantly evolving, and yet there are things that remain the same. These  are some more photographs that depict my style very well; we joyfully planned and crafted every aspect of our wedding and after session shoot. These photos will give you a good idea of my style and the things that draw me in.

Our Wedding
Our Wedding :: The Details
After Session
Photo credits to my wonderful, and extremely talented friend, Deidre Lynn!

My favorite colors…
I’m drawn to blues. A deep, chalky blue is perhaps my favorite.

Traveling dreams…
Italy. My husband was a history major, I was an art major, and an art history class is where we became good friends. Italy seems like the perfect place for us to explore. Plus it’s just lovely.

Dream job…
An Anthro or FreePeople window display designer. 

Besides that I would love to work with my incredibly talented sisters. The week of our wedding my sisters and I collaborated, created, and dreamed up great ideas – some of which came to life! Sadly, we all live rather far apart.

If I wasn’t an artist I would…
Still be an artist. But also a librarian! I think I would have liked it quite a bit. Or perhaps an art teacher.


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