Childlike joys.


Feeling like a kid again is magic; the glow, the excitement, the carefree-ness of it all. One night I sat down at the table and decided to pull out the watercolors. I have very little experience with the medium but I was compelled to try. And to my amazement, childlike feelings soon ensued. A warmth and joy grew within me and I had to stop and marvel at myself. If you’ve seen any number of meme’s you should know that that is how I felt.

Disregard the baby comparison. :) After I finished painting all I wanted to do was go up to Tyler, shove the paper in his face, and smile a big silly grin. Just. like. a. kid. And so I did. He reacted most excellently and fed my childlike feeling even more. It’s not that the content is earth shattering-ly amazing. It’s just pretty. And I didn’t have a plan, and things just happened, and that felt good!


So here’s to you, childlike joy! Thanks for the moment.


P.S. If you want to try your hand at watercolors, I :
A) totally encourage it!
B) stumbled across a tutorial series from the Alison Show. It’s super.


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