Tea Details.


Planning Brooke’s tea party was a family affair. AKA Momma + Me. It was wondrous. My mother doesn’t bat an eye when I suggest projects, she is always game-on which is great fun! So the first order of decor business was these dip dyed place mats from designlovefest. We were in love with the look and colors so we went for it. After one snafu (insert direction reading error) and some tired arms we were proud of our results.


After the place mats were finished we began t0 set our table. My poor father. My mom and I were so excited that we set up the tables one week early at their house. Bless that man! We wanted everyone to be at one table so we pushed together 5 folding tables to make a giant asymmetrical table. This provided us with the most seating room AND enough space in the middle to decorate to our hearts content. We just kept adding and adding until we thought we had found a good balance.


Last minute decor madness went to the food tables. It can be difficult to try and arrange a food table without the goods. Regardless, the food situation. :)


A vintage tea cart we borrowed.


And lastly our tea party attendees. Thanks to my father for this gem 0f a photo – he really is a good sport.


Cheer-i-o Darlings!



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