Flashback Four

Next stop : Drawing II!  I took this studio course when I transferred to a four year university. It was another delightful class. My professor was an enthusiastic grad student. It was a night class and it become a stress reliever.

Our first project. I hated this fake plant by the end. :) Don’t mind the creased bottom.
plantCome to think of it I also hated this bike by the end. It looks like I am still struggling a bit with making black marks.

bikeI actually loved the project below. We had to take something small and make it seem “ginormous”. I chose a button pin about the size of a nickel and had fun with its reflections and fabric underside.

pinBy the end of the class we started to work with gouache. My professor was in love with the medium and wanted to share it with all of us as well! :) We made folded paper structures and were to paint them – its been so long since I’ve used gouache. I loved it. Looking at this sketch makes me want to pick up some tubes!


Happy middle of the week!


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