Flashback Two


Yesterday I talked about how I’ve been going through some old things in storage. Amongst photos, medals, papers, and report cards, were some old projects. An urge within me cries to save everything, but the realist within me says to move on. To the rescue, is my problem solving side! (I promise I don’t have multi-personality disorder.) So in the end I’ve been photographing projects that I enjoyed and posting them on here!

Today, round two, brings a piece from my first graphic design class and early work for friends and family.

Below is an assignment from my Intro to Graphic Design Class. Lovely enough we did not start Graphic Design on the computer. We started with pencils, pens, ink, and tracing paper; it was magical. The point of this specific project, I believe, was, “Less is more”. We took an image and cropped it twice to illustrate that sometimes less information is more interesting to the viewer. It was also a lesson demonstrating how vastly different cropping can make objects look.


Next up are a few things from my sister’s wedding. She needed a monogram to use, and in a sweet move trusted me to do it. She has believed in me on several occasions, as has my other sister, and they’ve brought me many projects to push me along in the design world.


This final piece is what I remember as my first “real” project that I ever tackled on my own. I have fond memories as a 20-year-old stumbling into a random print shop and discussing paper and scoring options, bluffing it as much as I could. I designed three separate monograms for my cousin and her husband, she liked them all so we had them made into rubber stamps and ended up embossing them on the left hand side of the invite (also a pocket in which the reply card stuck out of). I learned a great deal from this project, but mostly I just felt like a rock star because my design was being sent out into the world! :)




One thought on “Flashback Two

  1. Going through old projects and things is always a trip, isn’t it? My sister does your method of photographing things. You just have to make sure you have it backed up digitally. I think it’s a great idea.

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