Flashback One


I have been rummaging through my past in the form of pictures and projects found in storage at my parents. There have been some absolute treasures, let me tell you. It’s amazing to see time unfold. It’s also amazing that I can remember so many moments of time when presented with a photo, a writing assignment, or a piece of art. They don’t seem to specifically effect my day-to-day as memories, and yet I have them, and they did form who I am. The mind is an amazing place. (Speaking of which did you see this cool poster by 4tones?)

In the spirit of wanting to remember, but not hoard, I’m going to be posting some old college projects on this site. These pieces were my first journeys in the world of art, and though they aren’t perfect I want them to remain in some form; posting them allows me to get rid of them and relieve my poor parents of keeping lots of things.

First up, a piece from my very first Art + Design class. If you look closely there’s a magazine snippet in there. The project brief required taking the snippet and, from its elements, creating a larger piece whilst maintaining the style, therefore making it blend right in. I quite liked this project and the way it turned out. In a sense it reminds me of the Magic School Bus.




Second, another project from Art + Design. The brief from this project dictated that we take a mythical story and create a pop up “book” from it. I can’t remember the design goals and principles exactly, but I’m sure I learned something. (Perspective perhaps? Or the art of popups?)

Stuff 085

I’m cringing a little bit at my lettering and those drop shadows. – haha :)



I’m digging Noah’s beard! Happy Wednesday!


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