Tent Party!

Photo Dec 14, 12 55 44 PM

I love throwing parties. My husband loves throwing parties. Dreaming up wild events together is one of our greatest pleasures.

Enter, a friend visiting from Mexico. The need? A get-together. The goal? An indoor tented dinner.

Now, a large round of applause needs to be given to my husband who came up with the tent idea and saw it through. It sounded amazing but I could not figure out how we would make it work. In true Tyler and Laura fashion, we still did not know how it was going to work during the day, BUT!, with the help of my dear mother and cousin it worked!

Photo Dec 14, 12 55 54 PM

A couple days before I was working on a photo shoot and we used clementines as the food labels so I snatched up the idea for the place holders.  And this night took place right before Christmas so we brought out my mom’s Christmas china.

Photo Dec 14, 12 55 57 PM

And the night is not complete without a little entertainment! I cannot recall if I’ve mentioned it before, but when we were first married we found an old book of party ideas and games at an estate sale. We have used this book countless times and for this night in particular, I combined a couple of ideas for the night’s activity.

My mom and I (bless my mother), took a piece of yarn for each person and wove it all over a room- behind pillows, under rugs, back and forth. The task was for each person to follow their piece of yarn, without touching it, and to retrieve the hidden envelope at the end.

Photo Dec 14, 12 55 50 PM

Within the envelope was instructions, words, pencil, paper, and a Hershey’s Kiss. We each wrote some lines of poetry using our words and at the end combined all of our efforts to create an epic poem. We laughed, cried, and had so much fun.

Photo Dec 14, 12 55 46 PM

Adding to the magic was the fact that during the course of the night it was snowing and the party turned into a sleepover! In the morning we awoke to a beautiful, white world.

Photo Dec 14, 8 26 11 AM


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