Surprise surprise!


My mother-in-law turned last week. As the night progressed we discovered just how much of a big deal it was for her; she lost her mother from breast cancer, and her mother was only 49. For her, 50 was a big celebration of her life, all it’s blessings and just the fact that she made it! She is beautiful, so alive, and so worth celebrating.


When we went to work on this surprise party we wanted to make it really special, and thus the invitations needed to set the tone. I added some fun and pretty details: black envelopes, beautiful gold metallic paper (printing by Smartpress), and hand addressing and wax-sealing with my favorite partner-in-crime (de husband).  I even loved the stamps we used – the Chinese New Year dynamite stamp and the George Washington stamp (wax seals  add a 20 cent handling fee). I was so pleased with the results, and people at the party raved about them which made me feel so good because when it’s a party for someone you love you just want everything to be perfect. And it was. The party was great; she was happy, her friends were happy, and everything was enjoyed. :)


Surprise5The afternoon before the party I had some extra time and I needed to practice some calligraphy so I whipped up these little “Celebrating You” cards. I figured everyone could write a little something on the back for mom – she likes that sort of thing :) . Anyway, whipped up is an overstatement because I am so slow! I had to recruit my sister-in-law to help me paint them 5 minutes before everyone showed up. I thought they looked pretty and quite imperfect :) practice makes perfect…eventually.


celebrating2I love me a party!


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