Lettering, lettering.

lettering2 copy

It’s a new year and I’ve actually got a goal for 2014! Well, sort of. It’s not so much of a specific goal as just something to work on. I am quite excited about it. If you’ve seen anything on this blog it’s that I’m always lettering, lettering. (You know, like every day I’m hustlin’, hustling’.) Anyway…. :)



Some people are natural sketchers. Get them into an brainstorming session and their page fills with doodles that recreate the conversation. I wish I was more that way sometimes. Eventually my thoughts turn into images, but my natural instinct with ideas is to fill the page with words, in a sketched flowchart sort of way: script, serif, cartoon-y, art deco, modern, bauhaus, glyphs and shapes, fat arrows, x’s, circles, patterns. I love letters. It’s a weakness. Sometimes I prefer the look of a word over an actual image. In middle school and high school I used to change my handwriting every year, prepping for the new year. I would see a new letterform in a piece of a friend’s homework or on a store front and I would adapt them, making them my own and creating an entire alphabet inspired by it.


All of this to say, I want to get better! And dare I say, I shall! For Christmas I received an access code and starter kit to the I Still Love Calligraphy class. I am so excited for formal training.

So, onwards, to 2014, and to better, more educated lettering!

Photo Dec 06, 4 59 26 PM     Photo Dec 09, 5 24 43 PM 

Photo Dec 21, 5 35 34 PM     Photo Dec 21, 5 35 47 PM


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