That’s amore.

In June we became the proud owners of iPhones.

(waits for gasps of pity and eventual applause and congratulations)

Naturally we quickly moved on from our old phones. This was especially true for me who was still operating a “dumb phone” (waits on more gasps).

However, that meant  that I forgot all the treasures that were still on my husband’s phone. This morning I spent a bit of time searching through photos of us being weird, doing various activities, and, naturally, a lot of food shots. Amidst the nostalgia I stumbled upon a forgotten event: le Celebration of Amore!

Last February we helped plan a Valentines Day dinner for friends. I mean, really, who would you rather spend Valentines Day with, your one special friend, or lots of your special friends? Okay, okay, there is definitely time and place for both. Either way, I just wanted to share the digital invite (that may or may not have been sent 5 days before the event), and the quirky place holders.

The invite was straight forward…


and then there are the place holders (not so straightforward). The story is below.


As long as I’ve known my husband he’s been a fantastic doodle-r. He begins with drawing a random shape, and then imagining a creature to fit that silhouette (sort of similar to this game). It is great fun, and though I am not nearly as skilled as he, he let me help him with some of these. Pre-creature doodle, my friend and I watercolored each card and I lettered the names on them. Then we stuck them in upside down fruit cartons (of which I have a plethora).

Seriously, if you need some fruit cartons, call me. 




You really just have to love friends.


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