Personal project.



We’re in the middle of a move right now, but posting this is providing a nice break from the chaos behind me (literally, the boxes are huddled behind me as I type this. I must not turn around!).

Oookay, anyway. Since the medium of chalk is so new for me, I’ve been trying to see how it works, what works, how to diversify, new elements, etc. I’m working on this to put up in our home, although it is very much on hold as we pack up boxes.

This is a verse I love from the gospel of Matthew, and for all you Harry Potter fans it also makes an appearance on Ariana Dumbledore’s grave (nerd alert!). So for now it remains a sketch, but I’m aiming to get it done in June. We will have to see!

For now, back to the battlefield… er… packing boxes… field.



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