Unto us.

Tangible Typography
Tangible Typography


Christmas!” you say. Hey, it’s been snowing the last few days so why not?

It was November/December-ish and I was pulling out Christmas items. As I made my way through one box I stopped to treasure the memories that came pouring out. If you’re anything like me, a memory with music makes your heart soar. Have you heard this song before? I’m listening to it as I write and it’s stirring my heart as it does often. Images of my husband and I behind a piano crying out at the miracle, introducing his mother to the melody, hearts stirred by the Christmas story unlike any time before, Scripture coming to life over and over again… they echo through my mind when I hear these words.

Last year, I cut the words out and hung them on twine. This year, they remained unused except for the day that I allowed myself to be taken by the words and what they meant. Normally when I’m in my thoughts like this the urge to create surfaces. Before me was a box containing Tyler’s ornaments, to the side some old bulbs my sister gave me were scattered and I put together the puzzle. I tried to mind my tracking and kerning, even the grid came out to play (tangible typography anyone?). And when I finished, I saw truth in another beautiful way, another memory to grab onto.


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