Painting Sticks.

If you are on Pinterest chances are you’ve seen these gems.

I love everything about them, except I didn’t quite know how to get them into my house!

Enter problem needing to be solved : I have this basket that holds all my hair stuff (bandanas, headbands, flowers, etc.) and it’s always been a natural place for me to hang my earrings as well. Unfortunately with the tossing in and out of hair stuff, they fall from their place and I’d forget about them until I’d get around to cleaning (that can be quite a long time). I’m not sure when it finally dawned on me that the painted sticks were my solution, but I’m so happy that it did. Even my husband seemed to be pretty impressed by this endeavor! I think I’m going to do another shorter stick for some more necklace real estate too!

If nothing else can I just encourage you to please go paint some sticks? It was a most lovely experience and they are a great and free canvas from nature!

Happy Monday :)


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