Woodburning Trials.

Beloved. What a sweet, sweet word.

So. Here’s the question. Have you ever used a woodburner?

Once upon a time I bought one. I was going to attempt to create a wax seal from this tutorial on RageHaus. However, for some reason it never happened (aka it was for a school project and I probably ran out of time). None the less I held on to my woodburner in hopes to use it someday. Fast forward 3-ish years (yikes!) and I found myself sitting at my kitchen table with a friend and inspiration hit!

I started with what I think was a shelf (no before shots…sorry), and after a little paint and campfire smells, I ended up with some woodburning experience and a fun little piece of wall decor. See the end of the post for my process!

I love the way the etching looks on the letters…
…and on the pattern as well!

Here’s a quick synopsis of the process :

  • Step 1: Test out various Woodburning tips on dowels.
  • Step 2: Paint item to be burned. (Maybe not the best idea, the process on the dowels smelled like a good campfire, but after the paint was on the shelf, it smelled like, well, burnt paint.
  • Step 3: Sketch Letters and Pattern.
  • Step 4: Woodburn away!!

This is summarized quickly – so if you want the whole process you can ask, because I learned plenty just from this one experience.

There it is!

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