Art camp.

A few weekends ago some friends and I hosted a grant sponsored Art Camp at a local high school. It was a blast – the group was small and the kids were totally into it. There were several medium options available for the kids to choose from: Music, Food Decor, Ceramics, Jewelry, Jean Design, and more.

The class I was in charge of was simply Art & Design. We tapped into various things – but on the first night I had us create a collaboration piece. I think it’s really important for artists to learn to collaborate – great results can occur, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to receive some constructive criticism, and be pushed to attempt new things. We only had about an hour so we each sketched on our own, and then cut out the elements that we liked about each others design. Then we arranged and rearranged and finally when we found what we liked we mod podged them it all together. It was a fun icebreaker too, and the kids were excited to show off something by the end of the first night. Just wanted to show it off, I created the wording and the background. : ) The thorns and flowers are all theirs… aren’t they awesome?


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