Laura Hoerr

These are creations from everyday life, where design is not perfect, but it is enjoyed.

Flashback Four

Next stop : Drawing II!  I took this studio course when I transferred to a four year university. It was another delightful class. My professor was an enthusiastic grad student. It … Continue reading

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Flashback Three

To really enjoy this Flashback College Tour we really must stop by my first drawing class. I have fond memories of that studio. It was the first college classroom I stepped … Continue reading

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Flashback Two

Yesterday I talked about how I’ve been going through some old things in storage. Amongst photos, medals, papers, and report cards, were some old projects. An urge within me cries … Continue reading

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Flashback One

I have been rummaging through my past in the form of pictures and projects found in storage at my parents. There have been some absolute treasures, let me tell you. … Continue reading

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Small things.

Life is on the edge of hectic. As Tyler puts it, “God is doing something, we just don’t always see it.” So, I don’t necessarily see what’s happening, but I … Continue reading

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Tent Party!

I love throwing parties. My husband loves throwing parties. Dreaming up wild events together is one of our greatest pleasures. Enter, a friend visiting from Mexico. The need? A get-together. … Continue reading

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